And we have productivity!!!

Despite the chaos ensuing in my household this week, I have somehow managed to get some gardening in. Oh, and of course I cleaned a stinky barn:) Fist up in the photo gallery we have some of our tomatoes that were ripped up by the roots cages and all in the storm the other night. I was devastated when I seen the damage. I had also just planted 5 more rows of fresh seeds and of course they were all washed away. I managed to replant and recage  and save as many as I could. Many of our plants already had huge greens on them, I really hope it doesn’t cause any stunting or rot!!!And of course a shot of some of our summer squash that I have already been able to pick some of! All of the vines are doing great and producing right on key!!!Let there be green beans!!! I was so worried over getting these in late, but they are already over an inch long and looking tasty!!! Can you see my tiny baby green beans hiding in there?How can it get any better you might ask??? Let me show you…. Buckshot is now almost 12 weeks old and a frisky little piggy is he! As I was cleaning the barn tonight I caught him, well what I thought I caught him doing was thankfully not what he was doing, we will just put it that way… I thought for a moment I had a species confused male pig. He would walk over to one of my hens and nudge her a second, then she would lay down and he would lay on her back… imagine the horror!!! I thought my poor chicken was being squished and man handled!!! Turns out they are both confused. The pig thinks the chicken is a nice fluffy feathery bed, and the chicken thinks the pig is tiny lol. It really doesn’t surprise me thinking about it. Our Buckshot piggy has been cuddling with the ducks every night in the barn since he became a resident of our barnyard:) As frisky as he is, he really is just a baby.

Also, been dealing with our Buckshot stealing the chickens food. Not only has he been stealing chicken feed, he has now broke the chicken feeder beyond repair. Instead of trying, AGAIN to put the cover back on, I am going to try to build something  hanging in the barn that the chickens and ducks can get to, but he can’t. For right now, I have it sitting on a bucket in hopes he doesn’t knock it over. I’m tired of cleaning up chicken feed!!!!!!!

So, in the end, it has been a very busy and productive time here at the Chunky Monkey Backyard Farm. Tomorrow I am going to try to get some cukes in the ground. A little late I know. To be honest after losing my last 3 plantings to storms, all those seeds wasted and washed away, I’m desperate for something new to grow!!! Starting them now should give me a nice end of summer harvest so I will can pickles. My mouth is watering just thinking about it:)


Till next time…be safe, be happy, be blessed…











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Chunky Backyard Cooking!!!

We had a fire last Saturday, and it was terrifying. We lost a storage shed and a trailer that my mom and grandmother had 5 generations of memories and pictures in. So much was lost. We were able to save a great deal though. It was the second scariest day of my life. I thank God we are all safe and the animals all made it. I can’t bring myself to take pictures of the devastation, so I thought I would instead share with you my home-made coconut cream cake with strawberry topping:)  Now to add the strawberry preserves my sister made with my boys 2 weeks ago…….

 And of course my youngest son didn’t get to walk into the dining room with a bowl, spoon, or mixer to lick on. He had to sit and watch until I shared with him. I’m pretty sure he knows he is going to get some!!!

News from the Chunkymonkey Backyard Farm… sweat peas were done for. Picked them, shelled them, cooked them, ate them, loved them!!! But alas, all good things must come to an end. They were done producing this week, so we dug them up and planted new. We also expanded the garden this week to include a few things we didn’t plant yet. I hope that here in this 100 degree heat we have been having that my new seeds make it. I planted rhubarb, more carrots, eggplant, more sweat peas, and cabbage.A  little late, I know. I couldn’t help myself. I signed up for a year-long subscription to I got 4 packets of seeds this month and couldn’t wait to plant them, especially the rhubarb!!!

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend, and I know I promised pictures of the flowers around our yard, so Tuesday it is!!! Till then, be safe, be happy, be blessed!!!

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Chunky Happenings Around the Yard

So excited that we have summer squash already fruiting!!! There are three or four of them on one plant. None of the other plants have anything but flowers though.

Pumpkin has decided to take a turn for the worse…think its the heat despite watering the garden every night.


Tomatoes are taking off like rockets!!!

Green Beans are being eaten by something, just the leaves…wholes all through them!!! Not to happy about that, going to have to sit outside with a fly swatter and kill bugs I suppose lol.

We have a LOT of weeding to do around here on the Chunky Monkey Back Yard Farm!!! Going to have to put my boys to work:) Also have to till and get the second batch of sweet peas in. Last plants are done and harvested, time for more!!! Be sure to check on us tomorrow, going to be posting some pics of the beautiful flowers around our back yard!!!



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Goodbye Blogger…Hello WordPress!!!

I had to take a break from blogging for a month. Now that I have decided to return, I have also decided that WordPress was much more creative than Blogger. I have changed the name as well. This seems much more in tune with my life, and will be much more family friendly. Pull up a stool, stick around a while. Help pull some weeds, and water a plant on your way out:) I will be posting many pictures this week of the farm animals and the garden. Be sure to book mark, or subscribe, so you are not still visiting the old blog!!!

Hobbles our wee blind crippled 7 week old bunny says hello…well actually he says nibbles but you get the idea!!



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