Chunky Happenings Around the Yard

So excited that we have summer squash already fruiting!!! There are three or four of them on one plant. None of the other plants have anything but flowers though.

Pumpkin has decided to take a turn for the worse…think its the heat despite watering the garden every night.


Tomatoes are taking off like rockets!!!

Green Beans are being eaten by something, just the leaves…wholes all through them!!! Not to happy about that, going to have to sit outside with a fly swatter and kill bugs I suppose lol.

We have a LOT of weeding to do around here on the Chunky Monkey Back Yard Farm!!! Going to have to put my boys to work:) Also have to till and get the second batch of sweet peas in. Last plants are done and harvested, time for more!!! Be sure to check on us tomorrow, going to be posting some pics of the beautiful flowers around our back yard!!!




About Momma Chunk

A single divorced mother of 6 boys. 5 here on Earth and one in the hands of God. Learning about the simple life and growing a backyard farm.
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