Chunky Backyard Cooking!!!

We had a fire last Saturday, and it was terrifying. We lost a storage shed and a trailer that my mom and grandmother had 5 generations of memories and pictures in. So much was lost. We were able to save a great deal though. It was the second scariest day of my life. I thank God we are all safe and the animals all made it. I can’t bring myself to take pictures of the devastation, so I thought I would instead share with you my home-made coconut cream cake with strawberry topping:)  Now to add the strawberry preserves my sister made with my boys 2 weeks ago…….

 And of course my youngest son didn’t get to walk into the dining room with a bowl, spoon, or mixer to lick on. He had to sit and watch until I shared with him. I’m pretty sure he knows he is going to get some!!!

News from the Chunkymonkey Backyard Farm… sweat peas were done for. Picked them, shelled them, cooked them, ate them, loved them!!! But alas, all good things must come to an end. They were done producing this week, so we dug them up and planted new. We also expanded the garden this week to include a few things we didn’t plant yet. I hope that here in this 100 degree heat we have been having that my new seeds make it. I planted rhubarb, more carrots, eggplant, more sweat peas, and cabbage.A  little late, I know. I couldn’t help myself. I signed up for a year-long subscription to I got 4 packets of seeds this month and couldn’t wait to plant them, especially the rhubarb!!!

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend, and I know I promised pictures of the flowers around our yard, so Tuesday it is!!! Till then, be safe, be happy, be blessed!!!


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A single divorced mother of 6 boys. 5 here on Earth and one in the hands of God. Learning about the simple life and growing a backyard farm.
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  1. Nikki I personally do not care for rhubarb but it is a gorgeous perrenial plant. Planted with stawberries it makes a very nice border that makes for some yummy pies. Good luck!!! Johua looks ready to dig in!!!

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