And we have productivity!!!

Despite the chaos ensuing in my household this week, I have somehow managed to get some gardening in. Oh, and of course I cleaned a stinky barn:) Fist up in the photo gallery we have some of our tomatoes that were ripped up by the roots cages and all in the storm the other night. I was devastated when I seen the damage. I had also just planted 5 more rows of fresh seeds and of course they were all washed away. I managed to replant and recage  and save as many as I could. Many of our plants already had huge greens on them, I really hope it doesn’t cause any stunting or rot!!!And of course a shot of some of our summer squash that I have already been able to pick some of! All of the vines are doing great and producing right on key!!!Let there be green beans!!! I was so worried over getting these in late, but they are already over an inch long and looking tasty!!! Can you see my tiny baby green beans hiding in there?How can it get any better you might ask??? Let me show you…. Buckshot is now almost 12 weeks old and a frisky little piggy is he! As I was cleaning the barn tonight I caught him, well what I thought I caught him doing was thankfully not what he was doing, we will just put it that way… I thought for a moment I had a species confused male pig. He would walk over to one of my hens and nudge her a second, then she would lay down and he would lay on her back… imagine the horror!!! I thought my poor chicken was being squished and man handled!!! Turns out they are both confused. The pig thinks the chicken is a nice fluffy feathery bed, and the chicken thinks the pig is tiny lol. It really doesn’t surprise me thinking about it. Our Buckshot piggy has been cuddling with the ducks every night in the barn since he became a resident of our barnyard:) As frisky as he is, he really is just a baby.

Also, been dealing with our Buckshot stealing the chickens food. Not only has he been stealing chicken feed, he has now broke the chicken feeder beyond repair. Instead of trying, AGAIN to put the cover back on, I am going to try to build something  hanging in the barn that the chickens and ducks can get to, but he can’t. For right now, I have it sitting on a bucket in hopes he doesn’t knock it over. I’m tired of cleaning up chicken feed!!!!!!!

So, in the end, it has been a very busy and productive time here at the Chunky Monkey Backyard Farm. Tomorrow I am going to try to get some cukes in the ground. A little late I know. To be honest after losing my last 3 plantings to storms, all those seeds wasted and washed away, I’m desperate for something new to grow!!! Starting them now should give me a nice end of summer harvest so I will can pickles. My mouth is watering just thinking about it:)


Till next time…be safe, be happy, be blessed…












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A single divorced mother of 6 boys. 5 here on Earth and one in the hands of God. Learning about the simple life and growing a backyard farm.
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  1. Jeanne Diamond says:

    Buckshot looks like the little piglet I bottle raised when I was about 11…….her name was Bathsheba……..It was my year of Biblical enchantment……..the year before I was into the Explorers…….so my dog was Christopher Diego Columbus or as Dad shortened it…….Fritz.

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